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Mr. Brad O’Dell

Hello! I am a Native English Teacher from Chicago, Illinois USA.  My background is in Zoology and the animal care industry. Since leaving America, I have taught English in South Korea, India, Thailand, and Hong Kong.  In the past 7 years at Wu Siu Kui, I have taught English through drama as well as a variety of other approaches. The students here continue to inspire me through their amazing work ethic, good attitude, and incredible potential. As teacher I wish to instil speaking confidence in all our students and show them that English is really a lot of fun!

Mr. Hunter, Kyle

Hello! I come from a small city called Brisbane, in Australia where I studied music for many years. In 2011 I moved to London, UK, to study musical theatre at a prestigious drama school, and then continued living and working there for almost 6 years. I have a great passion for music and theatre, and whilst living in London I had the privilege to see some incredible theatre performances including some outstanding productions of Shakespearian plays. I am also passionate about education, and I have a constant thirst for knowledge. I have been living and working in Hong Kong as an English teacher for 1.5 years and I still cherish the opportunity to teach my mother language to young Hong Kongers. Having taught in various kindergartens and primary schools across Hong Kong, my mission is to make English language learning as fun and engaging as possible. I’m excited to join the lovely team of staff at Wu Siu Kui Memorial Primary School, and I’m ready to help the students on their path to mastering the English language. 
Mr Kyle

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