Our school has joined Shakespeare4All (S4A)since 2003 which is the only arts organisation in Hong Kong that has been nurturing the love of Shakespeare in primary schools. Pupils are promoted to learn English through Shakespearean plays so as to improve their speaking and reading skills. Pupils have an opportunity to perform in a play at school and gain a valuable experience to increase their fluency and confidence in using English. Moreover, pupils are also encouraged to enroll for S4A’s annual stage production to be held in public venue.Elite pupils from all levels are welcome to join us at the beginning of the school term.


Time: Friday   3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Venue: School Hall  /  Activity Room
Teachers-in-charger: Miss Ho Po Kee,Miss Kwan Wan Man
Instructor: Ms Kate




2A Fan Yuxuan,Henry 4B Fan Yik Hong ,Anthony
2A Ho Pui Ying,Jade 4B Ip Sau Chuen,Magnus
2B Liu Kwan To,Adrian 4B Tsang Tsz Ho,Felix
2D Chan Lok Yin,Ellen 4B Wong Kei Yiu,Agnes
2E Chan Lok Tung,Elena 4C Chan Lok Chun,Kyle
3A Yao Chi Shing,Derrick 4C Ho Ka Ying ,Sally
3D Wong Man Ki,Suki 5A Chan Lok To,Andrew
4A Chan Son,Anson 6A Chan Kin Lok,Nicholas
4A Or Hoi Ching,Reina 6A Chan Yu Fei,Faye
4A Pan Hei,Donna 6A Man Lok Ching,Vanessa
4A Pan Pei Kitty,Kitty 6B Fung Wai Laam,Leah
4A Wong Ming Hin,Bosco 6C Lee Ming Yeung,Bosco
4A Xu Tian Ci,Gary